Holding up the tower of Pisa

Jayden’s Tuscany

We arrived in the countryside of Tuscany. We found the place we rented. The first day, we settled in and took it easy, we bought groceries and explored just around. The next day, we visited Sienna and its big central square where there is the grand horse race between the different quarters of the town. The locals are very passionate about it, it happens twice a year. The following day  we did homework, and hang out at the pool. I am working on my blogs and Mega words books. The pool was really cold but refreshing. How do like my Roman outfit? We took it easy and stayed home a lot.

On est à la campagne cette semaine, notre petite maison est au bout d’une piste de 4 km. Le premier jour, on s’est installé, on a fait quelques courses et des devoirs. On a visité Sienne et sa grande place. On prend la vie plus relax ici, mais du coup je dois faire plus de devoirs, et parfois on va à la piscine l’après midi.La piscine est une peu fraîche. Comment trouvez vous mon costume de Romain?Je travaille aussi sur mes blogs. 

P1020559 P1020356

Another day, we went to Pisa. The tower does really lean we did photos where it looked like we were holding the tower up. When we finished visiting the town we went to Lucca, it is an ancient fortress and we rode bikes on top of the fortified walls. The bikes did really help, I really enjoyed it, it was more fun than always walking.

Un autre jour, on est allé à Pise, je pensais que la tour ne penchait pas trop mais quand on arrive sur place on s’en rend vraiment compte. Puis nous sommes allés à Lucca, super ville, on avait loué des vélos et on s’est baladé dans la ville. Elle a une place qui fait comme une arène.

P1020265 P1020290

We also visited some small stoned villages around us like Voltero, San Gimignano. There we bought porcheta meat (they cook a whole pig then slice it), it was very good.

On a visité les villages alentour, comme San Gimignano ou Voltero, villages en pierre en hauteur.

. P1020207 P1020100 P1020500

We did some little walks. One night when we were coming back from town we saw six wild boars crossing in front of our car, and 2 foxes. I have told you about our stay in Tuscany, our next stop is Rome.

On s’est promené dans la campagne alentour. En rentrant d’un restaurant une nuit, on a croisé deux renards et un groupe de 5 sangliers a traversé la route. Prochain stop Rome.

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